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Written by Graciasfidel   
Tuesday, 03 June 2014 08:30

Tango Studio 2.2 Update !


Six months after the release of the first version, we are pleased to announce the updated of ISOs Tango Studio to version 2.2. This new version has been updated to Wheezy 7.5, contains some new features and bugfixes, as well as an update of the best open-source applications available for sound creation.

Users of 2.1~rc1 do not need to reinstall, the ditribution can be updated via synaptic or apt-get.

Thank you to all those who helped to make the new ISO's! (especially Jeremy and Jaume, also those who have tested the ISOs ~rc1 and reported bugs).


Release Notes 2.2


* Updated Debian base to Wheezy 7.5

* Updated kernel to 3.2.57-realtime

Desktop Environment:
* Add quick search filter for synaptic
* Add ntpdate to fix computer clocks accurate
* Add infos about audio and video files via the properties of caja
* Fix to open shellscript with pluma
* Add support to kill session with ctrl alt backspace
* Updated TS menu with new apps
* Add an basic documentation about TS for yelp

Base Audio:
* Updated JACK2 and FFADO to the latest Debian version
* JACK2 support now OPUS codec to netjack2

* Updated LV2 support libs to their most recent versions
* Add news plugins LV2 (drumgizmo, fomp, x42-plugins and zam-plugins)
* Add news apps (luppp and nootka)
* Ardour3 is now installed by default instead of ardour2
* Specimen is replaced by petri-foo (fork version)
* Updating the set of audio software


Warning: The ISOs contains packages non-free. The packages non-free are restricted by copyright or legal issues in some countries.

See http://www.debian.org/legal/licenses/ for more information.

The ISOs can be used for the stable production but was only tested on a few computers.
If it work or you find the bugs, please let me know Sourire


Good update at all!



Burning Thread !!!


Download Tango Studio 2.2 i386

Md5sum : a18a39d25eb1cf8f7daed003aeb515b1

Sha1sum : 8ccb8fe5493998b5831c3552274287a2ca819666


Download Tango Studio 2.2 amd64

Md5sum : 04d73f9d58e37ad682e4a38eb7200dd5

Sha1sum : d3120769bfd9738b0621430397822f0389538128