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Written by yza   
Tuesday, 05 April 2011 22:17

Support Tango Studio !!!

Here you are! You just installed Tango Studio and all is running smoothly. Bye bye xruns, hello killer mixes :) You already can't live without it. So now is the time to support Tango Studio's creator, Jof, a.k.a. graciasfidel who spends a lot of time tweaking this great distribution.

You have several ways of doing so :

1. you may donate using this page and let the gauge fill up. Jof needs 2000 euros to keep working on Tango Studio, and we are more than halfway there. So let's hold on tight ! If you could toss a few coins into the piggy bank, it will be thankfull, and so will Jof Content

2. you may as well show your love for this great distribution by using these buttons/banners in order to help recruiting new adpets :

logo TS english logo TS - french


Their transparent background let them fit to any website desing, so feel free to use them everywhere. You can get them on this forum post.

3. If you have some developer skills you can as well help packaging software for TangoStudio. And if you like taking some risks, you can help tesing new software packages that have not yet reached the main repository. You'll find more info on this page, in french, but if you are a bit familiar with sofware repositories, you will easily find out how to add this testing repo to your system.

4. If you have the time and the will to help other TS users, you can have a look at the Tango Studio forum and help bring answers to pending questions.

5. You can as well help documenting Tango Studio here and advertise it during install parties. We need Tango Studio to be heard of and get more users & support.

Of course you can mix any of these suggestions if you feel brave. So now ..... Action !!!